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Frozen yogurt (also known as frozen yoghurt, froyo and frogurt) is a refreshingly addictive treat that is a perfect snack or dessert and sometimes it's good for lunch too! Tart yogurt, the progenitor of the sweeter, ice cream-like varieties dispensed by myriad chains throughout the US including Pinkberry, Red Mango, Yogen Fruz, Cefiore and more, is on the rise. Theses tart plain, green tea-flavored yogurts, sprinkled with healthful toppings such as fruit, berries and almonds is a healthy and refreshing alternative.
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Popular countries with frozen yogurt shops

In addition to the major frozen yogurt chains like Red Mango and Pinkberry, hundreds of more froyo stores area are now offering up a familiar mélange of tart yogurts, with exotic toppings such as bite-sized bits of mochi and fresh fruits. Among the similar to Pinkberry stores are Snowberry, IceBerry, Berri Good, Yogen Früz and Kiwiberri and hundreds more.

The tart frozen yogurt brands

PinkberryPinkberry - All Pinkberry’s great tasting yogurts are made fresh with the highest quality ingredients and Pinkberry’s signature tang. Pinkberry's menu includes Original, Pomegranate, Passionfruit and Coconut frozen yogurts, daily cut fresh fruit and seasonal fresh fruit toppings, as well as creative and premium dry and liquid toppings. Get your taste of Swirly Goodness.

Red MangoRed Mango - Red Mango combines its refreshingly tangy frozen yogurt with fresh and exciting toppings to create a nutritious dessert that can be enjoyed all day. Red Mango has become one of the most popular and fastest growing retailers of authentic nonfat frozen yogurt and is a recognized pioneer of the tart, healthy frozen yogurt trend that’s sweeping the nation.

Yogen FruzYogen Fruz - Yogen Früz provides delicious and nutritious frozen yogurts, just what you need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Yogen Früz developed a unique blending system which combines its delicious and nutritious frozen yogurt and fresh fruit which allows you to customize your own flavor combination.

Orange Leaf Frozen YogurtOrange Leaf Frozen Yogurt - Orange Leaf provides its customers to serve from a soft-serve machine their choice of flavors and toppings the way they want. Orange Leaf is offering a high quality alternative to fast-food restaurants, and institutional frozen yogurt shops.

Yogurtland - Features 16 different flavors at a time and 33 toppings.
Cefiore - All natural non-fat frozen yogurt for a healthy froyo lifestyle.
Menchies - Creamy frozen yogurt featuring active cultures that are low in fat.
Tuttimelon - A refreshing twist to frozen yogurt, nonfat and only 30 cals per oz.
YogurBerry - The sourness of yogurt and sweetness of ice cream.

The ice-creamy frozen yogurt brands

TCBY - The Country's Best Yogurt (TCBY) currently offers a variety of health-smart frozen treats made with real dairy yogurt that keep customers coming back again and again. TCBY offers a selection diverse enough to appeal to just about everyone.

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt - Customers call them the "Ice Cream Lover's Frozen Yogurt." If you've ever tried Golden Spoon's delicious, creamy, Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt, you might have thought that it was Ice Cream.

Tasti D-Lite - Creamy delicious yogurt in more than 100 flavors. (Its not really yogurt becuase it does not contain live or active cultures.)

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Guides to finding frozen near you

Its yummy, healthy and hip and there are thousands of frozen yogurt shops to get your froyo on... whether you are looking for tart or creamy frozen yogurt, Froyo Girl is going to show you where.
This year froyo wars have shown no sign of slowing down, and in effort to stay fresh forzen yogurt s...
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The Pinkberry craze has finally arrived in Northern California. Did it launch in San Francisco first...
Los Angeles is Pinkberry central. With over 20 spots and many boasting curbside delivery, you can pr...
Froyo is a great tasting and healthy frozen yogurt with nonfat and lowfat flavors, many are packed w...
Frozen yogurt (also known as frozen yoghurt or by the tradenames such as froyo, frogurt, crakberryan...
Want to make fro-yo at home? You can and its easy. In fact Pinkberry frozen yogurt has nothing on th...

My favorite Fro-yo cities

Frozen yogurt NYC - Ever since the Korean chain Red Mango opened a store directly across from Pinkberry in Greenwich Village last December, New York has become the second major battleground for the restyled, fluffed up, fruit-topped new wave of frozen yogurt.

Frozen yogurt LA - In Los Angeles frozen yogurt shops are on every corner. Fro-yo shops such as Pinkberry and Valley Village's Menchies are attracting crowds that previously hung out at Starbucks or the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The Fro-yo groupies are moving in because of their interior design, as well our appreciation for the health benefits of eating yogurt over, say, drinking a Frappuccino.

Frozen yogurt San Francisco - In the Bay area shops are popping up like wildflowers from tart goodness places like Pinkberry (6 more coming) to places like Fraiche who make their own yogurt.

Frozen yogurt Seattle - Seattle may not be as deeply entrenched in the frozen yogurt "cold war" as Los Angeles, but it might not be far behind. A few years ago, Pinkberry, brought fro yo back into the mainstream, and encouraged a nationwide deluge of copycats, even in rainy Seattle Seattle now has many home brew frozen yogurt brands of their own including Shnoo Yogurt.

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